Environmental Literacy

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Environmental Literacy

New York has joined a national movement in stride with the Children and Nature Network founded by Richard Louv, author of the award-winning book, Last Child in the Woods.  This movement is intended to reconnect children to the outdoors, helping them become more capable of making environmentally literate decisions that not only protect the environment but lead to a prosperous economy and healthy citizens.

To help us meet that goal, NYSOEA formed an Environmental Literacy Committee in 2010 to work toward developing a NYS Environmental Literacy Plan following the North American Association for Environmental Education ELP guidelines (http://eelinked.naaee.net/n/elp).  The committee has worked with the NYSOEA membership and a wide array of constituents to develop a draft Environmental Literacy Plan, has gathered stakeholders in various parts of NYS that support the endeavor, and has worked with policy makers to begin moving us toward our goal of adopting and implementing a New York State Environmental Literacy Plan.

The NYSOEA Environmental Literacy Committee invites members to contact them by emailing elp (at) nysoea.org for more information or to become part of the growing number of individuals involved in supporting this effort.


The current committee leadership consists of the following individuals:


Mary Leou, Director of the Wallerstein Collaborative for Urban Environmental Education and Professor of Environmental Education, Department of Teaching and Learning, New York University

Beth Shiner Klein, Professor and Interim Chair, Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department, SUNY Cortland

Steering Team Members:

Brock Adler, Environmental Educator and NAAEE representative

Erica Blatt, Assistant Professor of Education, College of Staten Island, CUNY

Paul Hai, Program Coordinator, Adirondack Ecology Center, SUNY ESF

Lia Harris, Ecology Educator, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Susan Hereth, Education Coordinator, Scenic Hudson, Former NYSOEA ELC Chair

Marsha Guzewich, Environmental Educator for NYSDEC, retired

Pam Musk, Director of Centers and Education, Audubon New York

Tim Stanley, Program Coordinator for Sharpe Reservation Fresh Air Fund and current NYSOEA President

MaryLynne Malone, Outdoor and Environmental Education Consultant and former NYSOEA President



Partners for an Environmental Literate New York

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