Events & Workshops


Apart from our annual conference and awards banquet, regional directors at NYSOEA are committed to organizing several local events within New York to bring our membership together and enrich their outdoor education experience by creating a space to leverage each other’s experiences and collaborate with other educators. We are also pleased to be offering our members, special admission and discounted tickets to our events.

Website Event Calendar Listings

NYSOEA is proud to have over 30 affiliates who are actively engaged in furthering the cause of outdoor education, through various events and programs.

If you are already affiliated with NYSOEA, we are pleased to be providing an easy and effective way for you to list your events on our website. Simply send an email to requesting access to our Affiliate Calendar. Once we setup you up, you will be able to directly publish your event details on our calendar without any delay.

If you run or are involved in an organization furthering the cause of outdoor education, we invite you to become our affiliate member. NYSOEA is committed to keeping its membership and visitors updated on events organized by our affiliates.

Other Events

NYSOEA appreciates and understands the passion and interest with which our membership and visitors support the cause of outdoor education. To support their interest, NYSOEA wishes to keep its membership and visitors updated on the exciting new events beyond its own events and affiliate events.

If you wish to share the details of any event that you think will be of keen interest to our membership and visitors to our website, we would be delighted to hear of it at Please be mindful that we cannot guarantee your listing. Our current, active affiliate members get priority listings.