Hello All

Hello everyone… NYSOEA’s 50th Anniversary Conference is officially ‘open for business’!

We have been working towards this announcement for a long time and happy to send it to you. This conference truly celebrates our past and helps chart a course for our future. The overall program from start to finish stays true to our philosophy and theme to ‘Learn It … Live It … Pay it Forward’.  We are taking this opportunity in Pathways to introduce you to the Conference and provide everything you need to know to entice you to join us.

All of the Conference information you see here is also available in more detail on NYSOEA’s web site www.nysoea.org including: an introduction to The Brandwein Institute and the American Nature Study Society, Conference FAQ’s and complete descriptions for the programs, speakers, workshops, special events, the member’s art exhibit, pre-conference trainings, field trips, advertisers, exhibitors and sponsors, registration, lodging, meals and more.

The ‘Conference FAQ’s’ provides information for anyone interested in participating and/or registering for the Conference including; members, workshop leaders, past presidents, commuters, full time students & interns, SCA members, EEAC-NYC members, advertisers, exhibitors, sponsors, artists, authors…phew!

Registration for the Conference is available now in both on-line and ‘write-in’ opportunities at www.nysoea.org.

The YMCA’s Greenkill Outdoor Education and Retreat Center in Huguenot, NY is the host site for this year’s Annual Conference. If you are planning on lodging or camping at Greenkill for the Conference, please register early as some options are limited. For more information about Greenkill, its facilities and lodging/camping opportunities for the Conference visit Greenkill Retreat Center, New York YMCA Camp.

Join us!! Come to the Conference, become an exhibitor, take out an ad, donate to the raffles, sponsor an event or scholarship…help celebrate the past and chart a course for the future. We will continue to post information and updates on the Association’s facebook platform and the website.


We look forward to seeing you all September 20-23, 2018,

Flo Mauro & Nancy Reichert




The 2018 conference supported in part by a grant from The Brandwein Institute & The American Nature Study Society.

NYSOEA is partnering with EEAC-NYC, The Environmental Education Advisory Council in New York City