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Non-Institutional Memberships (Individual, Family, Student, Retired)

  •     One vote.
  •     Can serve on one potential Board position.
  •     Subscription to our quarterly newsletter PATHWAYS.
  •     Eligibility for discounts/rebates to our Annual Conference.
  •     Discounted registration to NYSOEA Events.
  •     Eligibility for Student Scholarships to Annual Conference.
  •     Access to our Member Only Online Content.
  •     Access to lesson plans.
Note:    Family:2 adults + 2 children < 18 years. Only one of the two adults may serve on the board using this membership.   Institutional Memberships (Affiliate A, Affiliate B, Library) Benefits:
  •     One vote. [Except Library memberships]
  •     Link to your website from
  •     Your event announcements on
  •     Delegates to NYSOEA functions Affiliate A: 2 delegates, Affiliate B: 3 delegates, Library: 0 delegates]
  •     Subscription to our quarterly newsletter PATHWAYS
  •     Access to our Member Only Online Content.
  •     Access to lesson plans.

Note:  Institutional Memberships cannot hold a position on the Board.

NYSOEA is registered as a a 501(c)3 organization

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Individual    $45.00 Family        $55.00 Student        $10.00 Retired        $35.00 Affiliate A    $60.00 Affiliate B    $90.00 Library        $30.00

*Two Year Special* -- Individual ($18 savings)    $72.00 *Two Year Special* -- Family ($22 savings)    $88.00 *Two Year Special* -- Affiliate A ($24 savings)    $96.00 *Two Year Special* -- Affiliate B ($36 savings)    $144.00 *Two Year Special* -- Retired ($14 savings)    $56.00 *Two Year Special* -- Library ($12 savings)    $48.00