NYSOEA Committees

Awards Committee

Awards Committee – shall collect nominations for, review and choose award winners prior to the annual conference. The award recipients need to be presented to the executive board prior to the annual conference.



Current Committee Members: VP of Human ResourcesMarylynne Malone (chair), Flo Mauro, Andy Angstrom, Snapper Petta, Hank Dewey, Steve Stanne, Marty Strong.



  • Include the last 3 recipients of the Harlan “Gold” Metcalf Award and 3 others appointed by the chair.
  • Distribute nominations information and reminders.
  • Collect, review an choose award winners and present to Board prior to conference.
  • Create letters of congratulations, plaques and certificates.
  • Put award descriptions and awardees information on website.
  • Work with Communications Committee for PR.

Conference Committee

Conference Committee – shall arrange the annual conference, subject to approval of the executive board.



Current Committee Members for 2017 Conference: VP of Programs, John Stowell (Chair)




  • Recruit members for the following subcommittees:
    • Auction and raffle (work in conjunction with Development Committee)
    • Registration
    • Conference booklet
    • Workshop Chairs
    • Exhibitors and Ads
    • Hospitality
    • AV and room set-up
    • Evaluations
    • Coordinator off-site field trips (if applicable)
    • Community service (if applicalble
    • One for awards
    • Runners – Student Volunteers
  • Meet at least 6 times or more times in a year prior to the conference via phone conferencing.
  • Visit and be familiar with the conference site
  • Have conference chairs report at board meetings for one year prior to the conference or report to VP of Programs who will report to the Board.


Constitution Review Committee: Visioning Committee

Constitution Review Committee – shall review the constitution and Bylaws as needed as deemed by the NYSOEA Board of Directors


Last met in 2011: President, Committee chair: Elaine Young.  Members:  John Gareshe, MaryLynne Malone, Nirmal Merchant, MaryAnna Russo, Tim Stanley.

The committee reworked the By-Laws that were adopted and passed by the membership.

Committee will contain: One member with 10 or more years experience in EE/OE, one member of the committee should be familiar with administrative practices, NYSOEA executive board, past presidents and other long standing members of the NYSOEA.




  • Periodic review of the By-Laws.
  • Make recommendations for change to the board at least 60 days prior to annual conference so that they can be presented at the annual meeting.
  • Review the organizational 5 year plan.

Diversity Committee

Diversity Committee – shall find ways to increase the diversity of the NYSOEA membership.


Current Committee Members: VP of Programs, MaryLynne Malone (Chair), Jacki Citriniti






  • Oversee Brother Yusuf campership program.
  • Identify avenues to bring greater diversity to NYSOEA through speakers, workshops, collaborating with organizations that promote the outdoors to diverse audiences.


Educational Development Committee/ Environmental Literacy Committee

Educational Development Committee – shall recommend action and procedures to augment outdoor education and shall collect and distribute pertinent information and materials.  The most recent movem to develop an Environmental Literacy Plan for New York State focused


Current Committee Members: VP of Human Resources, Committee Chairs; Mary Leou of NYU and Beth Klein of SUNY Cortland





  • Establish relationships with superintendents, schools administrations and the NYS education department.
  • Promote Environmental Literacy in NYS

Finance Committee

Finance Committee – shall supervise the preparation of the budget and other finance related matters.


Current Committee Members: President, Past President and Treasurer.





  • Work directly with the treasurer to create an annual balanced budget.
  • Annual review investments and investment strategy (currently work under the advisement of Edward Jones).
  • Review Financial Plan for Endowment and other investments.
  • Report organizational finances in the Annual Report.

Membership Committee

Membership Committee – shall coordinate all public relations, promotional activities and outreach to increase membership.


Current Committee Members: VP of Human Resources, Regional Directors and members who want to promote NYSOEA





  • Review and maintain the membership brochure
  • Review regional letters and connect with membership
  • Make membership recommendations: 2 year membership rates, reduced student rates, special promotions.
  • Meet at least 2 times per year.
  • Manage regional display boards to be displayed at events and/or conferences to promote NYSOEA.

Nomination and Election Committee

Nomination and Election Committee – Shall supervise the nomination and election according to the policies of the Association.


Current Committee Members: VP of Administration





  • Solicit recommendations for new board members
  • Create nomination document which includes rules for nomination and incorporates biography, contact information and permission of the nominee
  • Create ballot document that includes a biography of the nominee which is due at least 60 days before the conference
  • Have election results ready for the Annual Meeting at the Annual Conference.

Communications and Technology Committee

Communications Committee – Shall supervise the Association wide publications. Editors of all such publications shall be members of this committee.


Current Committee Members: Tim Stanley (chair) Jessica Kratz, Sara Conneley, Frank Knight, Jill Eisenstein, Margaret Marushack, Carol Rogers Layout and Design: Matt Fraher, Webmaster: Phil Berkowitz





  • Publish Pathways four times a year: solicit articles from members and outside sources.
  • Meet at least 4 times per year via phone conferencing.
  • Review Website annually.
  • Publish the Annual Report.
  • Other publications.


Development Committee

Development Committee – shall supervise and develop strategies for obtaining funding.


Current Committee Members: VP of Administration, Jan Humbert, Jane Raush, Megan Hoffman





  • Solicit donations for Annual Auction to raise money for the Endowment.
  • Maintain past donors and cultivate a growing list of business’ and organizations that donate.
  • Solicit Ads for the conference booklet.
  • Annual Appeal – continue to grow donor list with letters, calls and follow-up
  • Identify grant opportunities and apply to those opportunities as the need arises.

Legacy Committee

Legacy Committee – shall document and archive the organizational history in preparation of the 50th Anniversary in 2018



Committee Members:  Flo Mauro (chair), Hank Dewey, Frank Knight, Dorna Schroeter, Andy Angstrom, Marty Strong



  • Document the first 50 years of the NYSOEA
  • Story Corp – Interview members for visual memory
  • Collect and archive all things NYSOEA
  • Engage past members
  • Culminate with the 50 year conference in or near Cortland.

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